Our Asset Management Approach

Pivot Point Advisors takes the time to get to know the client. No two clients are the same, so no two investment recommendations are the same. Each investment plan is tailored to fit the client’s net worth, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and similar considerations.


Consistency is probably the most important component of long-term investment success. Our scientific approach is designed to help us maintain discipline in all market environments. It is designed to keep us from over-investing in market segments that are forming bubbles and to help us recognize opportunities in sectors that are struggling.

Risk Management

Our asset allocation is designed to mitigate the most important risks. For assets that will be consumed in the next few years, we focus on attempting to preserve the principal, but for assets that can be invested for longer periods we attempt to preserve the buying power by investing in more volatile instruments with higher long-term returns.


Pivot Point Advisors’ services are only available in the form of managed accounts to ensure that clients have complete transparency. Client funds are held in a separate account at an independent third party custodian (e.g. Charles Schwab, Fidelity, etc.). The custodian reports all transactions, charges and holdings directly to the client. Pivot Point Advisors has the discretionary authority to allocate the assets, but is unable to move or withdraw them from the custodial account without written instructions from the client.

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