Inside the Financial Plan

Pivot Point Advisors' tailors its financial plans to client's needs. We offer a comprehensive assessment of your current financial situation along with detailed recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals. At a minimum, each plan includes the following components:

Financial Health Assessment

We use several ratios to assess your financial health. This analysis covers your tax burden, your expenses in various categories, how ready you are for retirement, and several other areas.

Cash Flow/Asset Analysis

Pivot Point Advisor's proprietary financial planning software allows us to project your future net worth while taking into account the volatility of investment returns.

Portfolio Allocation Analysis

Your plan includes a suggested portfolio allocation that is based on your asset levels, income, spending habits, and financial goals.

Insurance Analysis

We review all of your insurance policies to identify redundancies, possible cost savings, and, most importantly, any gaps in your coverages. Pivot Point Advisors does not sell insurance, which helps us provide unbiased advice.

Goal Planning

We analyze the feasibility of your financial goals and answer your specific questions. For example, do you want to retire at age 50, pay for your children's Ivy League education, or buy a dream house? Our plans are designed to help you set realistic goals and achieve them.

Action Plan

Each Financial Plan includes a clear Action Plan to help you improve your financial situation and reach your goals.

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