Our Financial Planning Approach

Pivot Point Advisors approaches financial planning in an analytical and systematic way. We believe in providing clients with reliable, consistent, and objective financial advice to help them attain their goals. Several guiding philosophies include;


Pivot Point Advisors receives no commissions from any investments we recommend. As a fee-only firm, we focus on the client's best interests, not on the investment products that pay the highest commissions. This helps us to provide objective advice.

An Analytical Approach

Pivot Point Advisors takes a disciplined and rational approach to asset management. Financial decisions should be based on objective criteria, not on TV news or the latest rumors out of Washington. Our goal is to provide clients with reliable, consistent, and rational investment advice.

Considering Worst Case Scenarios

Our financial planning emphasizes the importance of considering worst case scenarios in addition to the expected case. We focus on these scenarios because they are the most serious threat to your financial objectives. To assess the security of your retirement, we project your future net worth under a variety of market conditions, including extremely difficult ones.

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