How to Get Started

Developing a financial plan involves a considerable amount of interaction between Pivot Point Advisors and you. Here are our steps for gathering data so we can deliver a plan tailored to your situation and goals.

Initial Meeting

The main purpose of the initial meeting is to learn about your situation, concerns, and financial goals. We also outline the scope of our services during this free, no-obligation consultation. Contact us to schedule one!

Data Gathering

Pivot Point Advisors' financial plans are only as good as the data they are based on. You provide your financial information including your income, expenses, investment balances, insurance policies, a statement of your financial goals, and any other information that Pivot Point Advisors needs to develop your plan.

Data Analysis

Pivot Point Advisors then analyzes your information and begins to develop the plan. During this process there are typically several rounds of communication to discuss and clarify the information you supplied.

Financial Plan Presentation

We meet with you to explain the different components of your financial plan and the rationale behind our recommendations. Our goal for this meeting is to answer all of your questions and to fully explain all aspects of your plan.

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