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Pivot Point Advisors was formed in 2004 by Marc Schindler, a seasoned specialist in financial planning and Martin Gremm, a tested portfolio manager, to offer objective and rational investment management to individuals and institutions.

Individuals, institutions, and professional investors too often rely on their intuition to make investment decisions. While a select few are very successful with this approach, in most cases those who adhere to a more disciplined approach achieve better long-term investment performance.

Based on this observation, Pivot Point Advisors emphasizes rational, data-driven decision-making in all investment portfolios. This ensures that investment decisions are based on measurable facts rather than the latest news story, investor mood, or other typically fleeting influences.

We take the same approach in our financial planning practice. Historically, investment performance has been more bumpy than most mathematical models predict. A good estimate of the size of these bumps is especially important for assessing whether a client has saved enough to retire. Most commercial financial planning tools do not fully take these risks into account, so we developed our own that does. This helps us provide an objective assessment of clients' finances.

We do not recommend any commission-paying financial instruments such as insurance policies, annuities, and certain mutual funds. Commissions could skew our recommendations towards products with higher commission rates. To avoid this conflict of interest, our only compensation comes from the clients. We are a 'fee-only' practice.

As part of our focus on transparency and open communications we adhere to the GIPS Standard for ethical performance reporting. We are a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and the Financial Planning Association.

Pivot Point Advisors gives back to the community by donating a percentage of revenue to charitable organizations including among others Literacy Advance Houston.

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