Targeted Investment Strategies

We offer Targeted Investment Strategies to clients who are looking for a transparent and cost-effective alternative to mutual funds. These strategies also provide the stock market component for clients who subscribe to our Comprehensive Asset Management services.


Pivot Point Advisors uses third party custodians like Charles Schwab or Bank of New York to hold client assets. This ensures that clients have full transparency with respect to their investments. The custodians report all transactions, charges and holdings directly to the client. Pivot Point Advisors has the discretion to invest the assets, but moving or withdrawing them from the custodial account requires written instructions from the client.

Scientific Approach

Pivot Point Advisors relies on a scientific analysis of historical data and current market conditions to identify investment opportunities. This rational approach tends to reduce our exposure to market segments that are in the process of forming a bubble while allowing us to identify opportunities in sectors that are out of favor.

Proactive Communications

Pivot Point Advisors emphasizes proactive communications. We keep clients informed with monthly market commentary and account specific performance reports. A partner is always available to answer your questions.

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